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Babysitters with experience

Response in less than 24h

Fluent in more than 10 languages

Pediatric First Aid Certification



We are a family

Babysitting from 9am until 11pm

Babysitting from 11pm until 9am



*Value for one or two children
**The third child is charged an additional 40% of the value per hour


Terms & Conditions

  • The babysitting service must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Babysitting reservations on the same day depend on the availability of the babysitters.

  • Cancellations: Appointments canceled with 24 hours or more in advance will be totally refund. Cancellations on the day will be charged the amount corresponding to 3 hours.

  • If your child has any allergies, disabilities or special needs, or if she/he is taking any medication, please inform the babysitter who provide the service. This information will allow the babysitter to meet the specific needs of the child. If such information has not been properly passed responsibility is exclusively of parents / guardians of children.

  • For security reasons, all medication must be administered in person by the parent / guardian, without exception. If your child is subject to a medication routine during the period that the service is being provided, parents / guardians should go to the room / babysitting site for administration of the same.

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